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Navel Mines & Fittings
Original mine clearance badge
A modern copy or restrike Mine clearance badge
The two badges together
Reverse of badges
Torpedoe Director
German Bouyant drifting mine
Close up of Switch horn (LS Collection)
Hydrostatic switch from a German magnetic mine (SM collection)
Hydrostatic switch (S.M collection)
Hydrostatic switch (SM collection)
M1 Magnetic influence unit from LNA/B mines (GS Collection)
Inside of M1 unit
Side view showing type of unit M1 and manufaturers mark (GS Collection)
Shackle from a German Parachute mine
Internal components of M3 (SM Collection)
Top view (SM Collection)
German M3 unit from German magnetic mine (SM collection)
M3 unit showing ALA clock (SM collection)
German Period delay mechanism and clicker unit
Top view
Close up shot of Clicker unit
Close up shot of PDM clock with cover removed
German hertz horn from GY mine
British Hertz horn
Japanese Hertz horn
comparison of British German and Japanese Hertz horns
Comparison of both English and German horns
German Explosive cutting hook
Cutting hook shown from other side
Mine fuze Vzz(34)A
(34)A side view
Mine Fuzes (34)A and (34) B
Side view the Rh side the (34)B incorperates an anti withdrawl device
Bottom view
German mine fuze type 24
Depth charge pistol Mk6 mod001
Unknown German mine clock possibly 1 st world war
Base of Clock
Hydrostatic pistol (MS Collection)
hydrostatic pistol (MS Collection)
side view (MS Collection)
end view (MS Collection)
hydrostatic pistol (MS Collection)
mine part (MS Collection)
Mine Part (MS Collection)
Mine part (MS Collection)
Mine part (MS Collection)
Depth charge pistol
HMS Vernon photographs
Bomb fuze from mine designed to explode if mine fell on land
mine type LMA
Shoeburyness mine
HMS Vernon Type C & D
Able Seaman Edward Harding P/218595
Publicationd used for reference
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