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Fuzes, Inside Out
Often I get asked about stripping down fuzes, to see whats inside. I would strongly discourage this practice as often, these fuzes being over 70 years old, can be damaged or coated in bitumen. Stripping them down doesn't really achieve much!

Below are some pictures of a fuze, that was recently stripped down, the exterior did not look too bad, some original paint remained, sadly stripping it down showed that damp had penetrated the case and had caused the switch block to crumble.
It's interesting in that this item was used in the gripping series of Danger UXB and was shown being handled by Anthony Andrews.
type (50) anti disturbance fuze , top removed
switch can be seen between the 12oclock to 2 o clock position.
Top view
Pip can be clearly seen, also the wire that is soldered to the top of the case can be seen protruding from the side just above the impact switch.
If you look closely top right shows recess where the top is fitted to the switch block prior to injecting with pitch for waterproofing.
Shown with drilled hole ready for inserting a screw in valve used for injecting salt solution to short out internal capacitors.
This would be applied to the fuze, to prevent leaks, prior to forcing the Salt sulution into the interior of the fuze
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